New to Google Shopping Feed Rules in Google Merchant Center? Watch this step-by-step tutorial and go from beginner to advanced level.

This feed rule tutorial helps you: 

- Learn how feed rules work in Google Merchant Center

- How product disapprovals can be fixed using feed rules

- How product performance can be improved

- How product feed can be optimized

- How to analyze product feed issues and get to the bottom of the issues

- Understanding GTIN and its importance in Google Shopping campaign performance

- Understanding the GTIN format and fixing issues associated with it.

There are 5 feed rules discussed in this video: 

1. Find and replace content from product attributes

2. Clear product attribute values based on certain conditions

3. Set values from one product attribute to another

4. Find and fix GTIN values as per the proper format

5. Remove invalid GTIN based on certain parameters

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